Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Finding Tulsa - book release event Sept. 22 at Dog Eared Books with Baruch Porras-Hernandez

Join me in a chat with author Baruch Porras-Hernandez on Sept. 22 at 8pm PST as we discuss my seventh novel Finding Tulsa. Hollywood, the 1990s, gay sexuality and musical theatre are among the topics in my new novel, which is available now (pre-order until Sept. 22) through online retailers and by ordering through your favorite independent bookstore.

 While I will be at Dog Eared Bookstore, it will be closed by that time. But if you're in San Francisco, you'll soon be able to buy my new and previously published books there. Yes, Dog Eared and many other bookstores are cautiously open to the public. Mask up, squirt some sanitizer on your hands, and shop on!

RSVP on the Facebook event page, or directly on the EventBrite invite. You'll get a link to the Zoom chat, where, after talking with Baruch, I'll take questions from attendees. Once again, Tuesday, Sept. 22 (which is also the Autumnal Equinox) at 8pm Pacific Time, 11pm East Coast, so you can show up in your pajamas, considering you may have spent all day in them anyway.

Yes, the West Coast is burning, the East Coast is flooding, political turmoil is daily -heck, more than daily- inducing nausea and outrage in millions nationwide, and a global pandemic is killing thousands a day. So why and how do authors and other artists continue to promote their works? We'll discuss that as well.

It's often a struggle to get fans to show up at readings. I dislike relying on social media platforms that have been proven to be complicit in corruption and disinformation. But most of us, the smart ones, at least, can weed through the political lies to share good news. I hope you can do the same.

And, on Sept. 29 at 7pm PST, I'll be online again, reading a short except from Finding Tulsa with three other gay male writers; Richard May, Wayne Goodman and Rob Rosen. Visit the Perfectly Queer Readings Facebook page for info and a Zoom link.

For links to my previously recorded talks, visit my events page.

Also, my first advance review has been shared on GoodReads:

"'Finding Tulsa' belongs in company with 'The Lost Language of Cranes' by David Leavitt and 'The Mysteries of Pittsburgh' by Michael Chabon. If I had not known going in that this novel was a work of fiction, I would have assumed it to be an autobiography. The narrator is focused on himself alone and makes no assumptions about the other cast of characters around him. In the first chapter, narrator Stan gives a clear indication of what to expect: "This story goes back and forth, but loops around itself. My life/career/whatever, misguided as they come, is based purely on the loss and discovery of men."

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Finding Tulsa on NetGalley, Bookshop, Publishers Weekly, and around the world

My seventh novel, Finding Tulsa, is getting around with less than a month before its official publication date. You can choose from supporting my IndieGogo campaign, simply ordering it in advance, or even get a free copy in exchange for an honest review. I've also got more interviews online and even a YouTube playlist.

First up; my fundraising campaign has raised enough to pay a few bills (money already spent, by the way). Yesterday I shipped almost a dozen paperback editions the day after they arrived at my work office. I could have waited a few days to leave them for our postal worker to pick them up, but since I only work at the office a few days a week, I decided to trek to the nearest post office to 'get 'er done.' and buy stamps. A full hour later, in a socially-distanced line of 15 or so people, I got that taken care of.

You can still get a paperback and/or ebook edition, and for larger donations, receive some of my previously-published acclaimed novels. I also still have free promo codes for the engaging audiobook adaptations of my my fourth and fifth novels, Every Time I Think of You and its sequel, Message of Love. Both got lovely reviews on the Big Gay Fiction Podcast.

Of course, advance orders on Amazon will help my book's ranking upon its release, placing it higher with more visibility. Understandably, some people are not using Amazon for a bunch of justified reasons. So I asked the folks at to list Finding Tulsa, and they kindly obliged. You can support independent bookstores by buying it and my other books there

Feel free to 'game the system' by then posting your reviews on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and Kobo (ebook only) as well.

With Kobo, I did notice some country restrictions, so you can chose your area, be it through a U.S., French, German, Dutch (?), Canadian or Japanese distributor.

Finding Tulsa got a brief mention in Publishers Weekly, and on Lambda Literary's website, which will help bookstores and libraries consider stocking it. As I wrote in my IndieGogo campaign notes, small presses face multiple obstacles to get buyers' attention, from stories to shoppers. I may have to buy some more ads, but want to focus on indie LGBT media buys, and not on feeding the quit evil machine of Facebook. Yes, I have to using it and other morally bankrupt social media outlets.

But wait, what was that about a free copy of Finding Tulsa? Well, you can catch the Erie Gay News contest for a chance to win a no-obligation copy. 

But you can also sign-in or sign-up for NetGalley, where thousands of books are available in advance ebook format. Members are asked to post reviews on Amazon, Goodreads or on the Net Galley website. Get Finding Tulsa here.

Instead of bookstore readings, like many others, I'm adapting to online interviews and events. You can view my recent chats with Nicholas Snow on PromoHomoTV, and with new fiction author David Eugene Perry, plus my recent talk with author Wayne Goodman on his Queer Words podcast.

Upcoming, join my September 22 Facebook Live  event with Dog Eared Books on the official release date of Finding Tulsa.

With more than 20 review copies sent to various media and freelance reviewers, I'm eager to read what they think of this, my most epic, adult, and frankly mature novel about summer theater crushes, 1990s Hollywood, gay life, lost and rediscovered loves, and a lot more.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Finding Tulsa's on Broadway! ... World, that is.


I'm on Broadway! ... World, that is.

Finding Tulsa got a nice advance mention on Broadway World.

The notice includes a story summary and link to my IndieGogo campaign, which is still accepting backers. $25 gets an online thank you and ebook (your choice of format).

$50 gets you a signed first edition paperback, and a bonus ebook of any one of my books.

Donate more and get more books, including paperback, ebooks and audiobooks.

Just want a book? Pre-order now online (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo) or at your favorite independent bookstore to help my rankings when it's released. That gets the book seen by more potential readers.

I recently got my galley print copy, and after fixing a few bits, it's been submitted to be published. 

Also, Erie Gay News is hosting a few giveaways for both a signed paperback of Finding Tulsa and five copies of my June-released audiobook adaptations of my fourth and fifth novels, the Lambda Literary Award-winning romance, Every Time I Think of You and its Lammy Finalist sequel, Message of Love, narration by Michael Wetherbee.

Get in on these freebies, support indie authors and stay safe out there, or in there.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Finding Tulsa, my seventh novel and advance fundraiser

My seventh novel, Finding Tulsa, will be published in September 2020 with Palm Drive Publishing.  Check out the rave advance quotes from some of my favorite authors and filmmakers, and check out the IndieGogo fundraiser!

The story

Stan Grozniak, director of a ’90s cult action trilogy and gay art films, almost self-sabotages a prestigious directing gig with his writer-producer ex-boyfriend, after casting his rediscovered teenage summer stock crush. His tale of cinematic success and failure captures the passion and heartache of making love, making movies, and the occasional riot.

Read the first four chapters free at

Advance praise for Finding Tulsa

“Everything’s coming up roses in Finding Tulsa, Jim Provenzano’s intoxicating portrait of an artist as young to middle-aged man, from a high school musical techie in torn shorts to a semi jaded independent gay filmmaker. It’s a well-told yarn, full of humor and panache about a Hollywood player torn between his boyhood crush and a porn star. Spin the bottle, ride the Rolodex, and fasten your seat belt for Provenzano’s sweet roller coaster ride.”

Marc Huestis, film director (Sex Is …) and author of Impresario of Castro Street: an Intimate Showbiz Memoir

“Finding Tulsa reminds you what a good friend a novel can be.  It’s about friendship, about “losing men and then finding them,” about brotherly love and conflict, and the possibility of resolution.  It’s sexy, funny, astute, panoramic – it knows about suburban Ohio basement rec rooms and glam parties in the Hollywood hills.  I felt like I had met a charming guy at a cocktail party who seemed to get me, understood my past, confided his own, and then disappeared to another better party before I was ready for him to leave.  And it’s wrapped around a fearless, wrenching narrative about facing your childhood demons, raising the question of whether or not one of the demons might have been you. There’s so much to savor, to argue with, reflect upon, learn from, enjoy.”­

John Weir, Lambda Literary Award-winning author of The Irreversible Decline of Eddie Socket

“Jim Provenzano must have been spying on me from my adolescence (making short films with my brother) to my adulthood (making gay movies and TV series). I identified with every twist, turn, and blow by blow of this sexy show biz saga!” 

Sam Irvin, Director of Dante’s Cove; Co-Producer of Gods And Monsters and The Broken Hearts Club

Finding Tulsa is sexy, romantic, witty, engaging, both cleverly current yet sweetly retrospective. It's Jim Provenzano's most complex and accomplished novel. He gets so much right and so evocatively about show business, from those school plays we all remember to Hollywood made-for-television movies, with delicious stops at boyhood Super-8 movies and out of town gay porn shoots.”
Felice Picano, author of Justify My Sins: A Hollywood Novel in Three Acts,
and the New York Times best-seller Like People in History

“Jim Provenzano's sexy, funny and soulful new novel Finding Tulsa is a beautiful deep-end dive into the memory of desire, the thumping bass note that drives life and art. The novel gorgeously explores how our hearts and cocks are woven with our theatre and films as we figure out how to be the star of our own queer story.” 
Tim Miller, Performer and author of A Body in the O 

“Lights! Camera! Action! Finding Tulsa is a show-biz comedy told by a witty industry insider divulging how plays and movies and characters like “Tulsa” help gay boys survive adolescence, create identity, and worship beauty. What better icons could Provenzano have picked than Sondheim and Gypsy on which to fly his vivid characters, backstage intrigues, and dialogue sure to thrill the theater and movie queen in all of us. Writing at the top of his powers, with his striped tie and hopes high, he’s got rhythm. All he needs is you to go with ’im. A splendid romp! Let him entertain you!”

Jack Fritscher, author of Mapplethorpe: Assault with a Deadly Camera and the Lammy Finalist, Some Dance to Remember: A Memoir-Novel of San Francisco 1970-1982

“Jim Provenzano always keeps in mind what the original ‘Tulsa’ said in Gypsy: ‘This step is good for the costume.’ Provenzano never misses a step as he suavely combines aesthetics and homoerotics in a work that is throughout deeply touching.”

David Ehrenstein, author of Open Secret: Gay Hollywood–1928-2000

 Donate to get your copy, ebook or paperback. Donate more and get copies of my previous books in paperback, ebook, and audiobook!