Thursday, June 22, 2017

Pride People in the Press: my interviews with singers, actors, dancers and artists of note: 2015-2017

Cazwell and his dog Elvis
Although late in Pride month, I've long wanted to pen a blog post with mention of all -or most- of the talented LGBT artists and straight allies I've had a chance to interview.  

But I've been so busy doing the work, and editing others' interviews, that I didn't have the time. And now that the Bay Area Reporter's annual Pride issue is out, I'll get this underway.

Yes, it's a bit of fame-chasing, but since it's part of my job, I feel justified to reshare these favorite interviews.

I've got about 30 years of interviews to go through. But I'm going backward from this year, since it'll take me longer to find the older ones, many of which are not available online. So, here goes!

June 2017
Most recent: my second interview with the funny, sexy adorable Cazwell, who basically introduced openly gay male hip hop to the music scene a dozen years ago. His new video "Loose Wrists" features the quickly trending men's pastel lace outfits. Too cute.  (Also, here's my 2014 interview with Cazwell.)