Saturday, January 21, 2012

Full Disclosure

When my work, both day job and author writing, and my fandom combine, it's always interesting.

It's rare that I recommend an arts event via my work for the Bay Area Reporter that I wouldn't -and eventually do- see/hear/experience myself. Often, I'm just too busy to go out every night or day to see everything. But sometimes, I do spend a bit more copy promoting artists I would have experienced and enjoyed any way.

Eric Himan is one such artist. Even before I enjoyed his rousing performance at the Closing Ceremonies of Gay Games VI in Chicago's Cubs Stadium back in 2006, I'd been a fan.

Doing an interview for one of his recent appearances was great, although most of his San Francisco area gigs have been in small bars.

Himan also now does a funny cooking show online, when he's not touring the country. You can read about that in my latest interview with him for BARtab.

Himan will perform, along with Mia Dyson and Hotels & Highways, at a benefit for The Trevor Project at San Francisco's Cafe du Nord, Sunday, January 22. Along with it being a cool benefit for a worthy cause, what makes this special is that Himan will be performing with his Bandmates, doing original songs and unique covers of pop songs.

Here's one of Himan's many great songs, "Little Boy Blue," which deals with bullying:

So, the "full disclosure" part: that's what journalists add to articles when they have a personal relationship with their interviewees. Himan also recently recorded a lovely short version of the Babys song "Every Time I Think of You," which is also the title of my novel, of course.

The novel briefly deals with anti-gay violence, but it's not the main plot in the book (spoiler: Chapter 20), and I chose to dramatize it in a different way than most Young Adult and gay fiction novels do.

Anyway, I hope you'll support Eric, who has supported my work, and dozens of worthy causes, when he's not busy as a roving troubadour or online chef. Even if I'd never met him or written about him, or he'd never done this wonderful favor for me, I'd still be a devoted fan.

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