Wednesday, June 27, 2012


More readings, and a little online update.

The Books Inc reading organized by Rob Rosen, with myself and Alvin Orloff, was quite fun. Of course, as usual, I read too fast, according to my pal Marco (I also read too fast at the GLBT History Museum, according to others!).

Perhaps it's a holdover from my high school Speech Team days, where I once got disqualified from First Place by going over the time limit by half a minute. I don't know. Either way, it was nice to read a few unrehearsed passages, test my elocution skills.

Anywhose, as usual, I encourage you to buy from independent bookstores wherever possible. It may take a bit longer for me to get them a book, but "Every Time" and a few others are in stock at Books Inc on 2275 Market St. in SF, and at Giovanni's Room in beloved Philadelphia.

But do please consider posting reviews online, and making the corporate beasts serve the indies.

The Nook edition is back online at Barnes & Noble. I decided not to renew the "free" Amazon Prime deal, since I'm only making royalties there via free downloads based on some speculative possible/probable deal with the overlords of

The B&N Nooks are not selling well (does anyone have a Nook?), so if you did download or buy (or get a free copy of) "Every Time," please post a review. It helps my sales ranking, which increases visibility, which shares the story of my boys Everett and Reid.


Up next: Vegas, baby! Yep, I'm attending a mid-July press trip to Sin City, so I decided to do a local event. And yes, there is a reading community, and actual bookstores! It's not all slot machines and Cher impersonators.

I'll be reading (and no doubt talking too fast) Saturday, July 14, 5pm-6:30pm, at Get Booked, 4640 Paradise Road. It's one of those erotica shoppes with a few books, but hey. Those events are always a hoot. The staff said there might be a few professional gogo guys trying on bikinis. How's that for a plus?

So, if you know anyone in Vegas, please invite them to attend Here's the Facebook event page:!/events/290464947719388/.

Maybe I'll re-read Rob Rosen's Divas Las Vegas to warm up for the trip.


  1. Hi Jim,

    I have a hard copy of Every Time but was looking for it on ibooks so that I could have a copy on my iPad. Is it possible for you to consider being included on this eformat??

    Congratulations on the Lambda award. Well deserved!!

  2. Dhandler,

    Thanks for writing and thanks for the congrats!

    "Every Time..." and my other three books are available on Kindle and Nook. You should be able to download and view a Kindle edition online without buying their device. Troubleshooting tips for iPads are here:

    Also, iBooks' contract has too many problems for me right now; exclusionary distribution, dubious copyright infringements, etc. Until some issues are resolved, I have to limit my work to these other two e-formats.

  3. Fair enough, and I'm happy enough to download the nook version to my iPad and will also post a review (I want people to find this excellent book!!!!).

    iBooks still has a pretty skimpy catalog maybe market forces will eventually work to get them to loosen up their contracts a bit.

    Thanks so much for the kind reply and all the best sir!!!