Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shelf Life

One of the problems of self-publishing is getting review copies out to significant reviewers in a timely manner. For big reviews like Booklist and Publishers Weekly, you need to finish your book and get review copies out a few months in advance.

My hasty publishing schedule for Every Time I Think of You (December 2011) led to a late arrival of reviews. It kind of got lost in the shuffle of the end-of-year holidays and 'Best Of' lists.

Nevertheless, it did win a significant Lambda Literary Award, so I'm especially thankful, as witnessed by my quite unrehearsed "gushing" "emotional" acceptance speech at this year's Lammies.

So, I'll be particularly conscious to plan review copies well in advance next time. The growing snowball of reviews has a new chunk, the prestigious American Library Association's GLBT Round Table reviews!

After a plot summary, here is the significant quote:

"Every Time I Think of You explores permanent injury from the perspective of someone who loved the injured person before the injury. The author examines the effect on and the obstacles to the relationship. The author also describes the sexuality of a paralyzed person in a realistic and sensual way.

Receiving the 2012 Lambda Literary Award for Best Gay Romance, Every Time I Think of You displays writing and plotting well above the typical or stereotypical gay romance. Each year there are thousands of new self-published books, but it’s difficult to identify the gems. Every Time I Think of You is one of those gems. I recommend Every Time I Think of You for all libraries that have significant LGBT collections."

Although a more internal document, the newsletter serves a wider purpose. What this means is that librarians around the country will know about the book, and consider purchasing copies for their catalogs. My books get to be shared in a good way, unlike pirated e-book editions (more on that later).

Can't afford to buy my book? Ask your local library to purchase a copy. It's that simple.
You can download the PDF copy HERE. You can view it on Google docs HERE.

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