Monday, May 27, 2013


"[Every Time I Think of You's] first encounter sets in motion all the elements of a first-rate love story – the clash of economic and cultural hierarchies; the tension of family dynamics; the dizzying swirl of falling in love." – Bud Gundy, author of Elf Gift and Butterfly Dream.

Sometimes, a colleague offers a review, and it both champions its strengths while critiquing in an informed way. 

A new friend and I were discussing the Bjork concert at Craneway Pavilion on BART. smarter folks had booked a ferry; a friend had bought scalped tickets for twice as much. Yet the train offered a new conversation, and a sense of relief when the fellow artist, a talented performer, said bluntly, that he liked that what it sounded like, but her huddled stance, away from the audience for most of the show, was offputting.

While my friend opted for the bleachers, I had stupidly stood behind the superfluous pendulums, my view even more obscured, thinking she might stand in front of it at some point, or at least face the other half of the audience.

But the real point my other performer friend made was the iPads he noticed. I thought them just a cheesy stage device, but he saw lyrics on them.

"For seventy-five dollars, plus an hour and a half train ride, I expect them to know their lines."

So, since they asked us not to take pictures (which weren't any good anyway; see above), here's the pretty moonrise over the bay.

Linked is Gundy's new review of my novel Every Time I Think of You. It clearly shows the fictional variation of the setting versus his experience, and he also acknowledges the genre's perhaps too passionate pacing. Like the endured Bjork concert, the artistry's appreciated, but perhaps the staging problematic.

"Provenzano carries the reader along by the collar, creating a love story that veers in unexpected directions and that offers a readable tale that rarely pauses for breath."

See, I'm taking that as a compliment.
But hopefully, the upcoming sequel will have more air.

And hopefully, the next Bjork concert will be visible.

Gundy also shares erudite reviews of classics and bestsellers.
 Check 'em out.

Oh, and speaking of erudite reviews, here's the Lambda Literary Review's write-up of this year's Gay Romance finalists. Gosh, it was only a year ago for me... Good luck, guys!

Oh, and uh.. any fans of Audible?

Something's almost done...

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