Sunday, August 24, 2014

On the Radio

I don't often –heck, I rarely, if ever– discuss my day job here, because, hey, it's work. 
But this is pretty special: 

Sarah Dash!
I'll be on radio podcast in San Francisco, with Sarah Dash, Raquela (okay, phone-ins, but still) and host Tweaka Turner. Some other guests may be on, too, so it's not, like odd that I'm paired with these immensely talented women.

But yeah; I get to share a program with them on the local podcast. Previous guests include dozens of movers and shakers in nightlife, arts and gay stuff. 

The podcast itself is in a funky little Mission studio, but that's not the point. It's fun, and I think out next week.
Find out more on the House of Pride Facebook page.

You can listen to previous House of Pride podcasts HERE.
My episode with Sarah Dash and other fun folks is HERE.

The podcasts are like The Merv Griffin Show, with drag queens, and in this broadcast, some great musicians.

Sometimes it's almost like this:
(I hope I don't clam up like Corbin Dallas.)

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