Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hot Dudes books?

It's been around for a while, but once some under-inspired blog-intern on Huffpost regurgitates it, it's viral: it's Hot Dudes Reading! Leave it to New Yorkers to turn something as basic as reading a book on a train into a "trend."

Some say it's a bit creepy to snag random pics of people in public. Some say it's cool. How retro! How analog to not be hunched over one's phone/toy/device!

And I was really gonna post something serious to do with my books. But then Hot Dudes Reading just took over!

Here's an idea; post a picture of yourself on Facebook or Instagram, send me a link of the pic of you reading one of my books, and I'll send you a present; another one of my books!

And you don't have to be hot, or a dude. But you have to be reading one of my books.

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