Sunday, February 26, 2012

Good for You

I joined Good Reads after getting a few requests from friends and colleagues. I also gussied up my author profile, and I hope to get some nice reviews for "my boys," i.e. Reid and Everett, the main characters in new book.

GoodReads works differently than Shelfari. The good thing about Shelfari is that my capsule notes and descriptions get shared on and then all over the Interwebs. If you're an avid reader, I encourage you to join both.

I've been trying to list as many books I've read as possible on both sites. Obviously my Shelfari account is a bit small and self-centered. I found the GoodReads site more fun, with lots of clickable options.

It's fun to glance at my real-life bookshelf and reevaluate my current collection. The harder part is recalling all the good books I've read over the years, but either gave away or sold. While I don't have time to posts a lot of reviews, it's fun to list them.

That's it! No big meaningful post-ness this time.

Oh, BTW, thanks to the hundreds of people who downloaded Every Time I Think of You during Free Kindle Week. I'm still noticing downloads after the deadline, so hopefully the promo will result in some more sales, nice reviews, and the accolades we authors crave.

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