Monday, February 20, 2012

Wheely Great Deal: Free Kindle Week

With a special promotion going on this week, there's no excuse for Kindle readers not to enjoy my fourth novel. Every Time I Think of You is free to download today, Monday February 20, through Friday February 24.

That's right. It's free! Numerous other author pals have recommended this a great promotional tool, so I've jumped on board. Hey. if people can offer President's Day sales on cars and mattresses, why not a book?

Also, I've joined Amazon Prime in offering Every Time I Think of You free to share for members, now through May20, 2012.

Here are a few new published reviews:

It's not easy to write a novel about sports, gay teenagers and sex in (and out of) wheelchairs. Jim Provenzano has done it, with grace and power. All readers - disabled or not - can stand and applaud." - Dan Woog, The Outfield

"A beautiful story of friendship, devotion and love" - Bob Lind Echo Magazine (forthcoming)

"This is a unique coming of age story replete with the surprise one feels when he realizes that he is in love." - Amos Lassen Reviews

"Provenzano’s sense of pace and plotting are dead on ... and his prose is straightforward and never showy. It’s a well-told tale whose aim to inform as well as entertain certainly hits the mark." - Out in Print

Get my new book today on!

UPDATE: Feb 26.
Well, that worked.

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