Friday, August 17, 2012

Into the Streets, on TV

Protests, broadcasts, injustice and more. That's how August's looking. Pussy Riot is the name on most activists' lips, and even post-activists. The band has been served a two-year sentence for "hooliganism" after their protest in a church. The increasingly fascistic Russian regime has also banned Gay Pride events "for 100 years." Wow. WTF are you so afraid of, Putin and your thug minions? Protests in support of the women continue around the world. Even the White House condemned the 'disproportionate sentencing' in what has become a global cause.

In New York City, protestors took to the streets and Gracie Mansion to try to convince their snobbish Mayor Bloomberg that accessible taxi cabs are a must.

"On August 8, demonstrators gathered in front of Gracie Mansion to protest the annual Mayor Bloomberg-sponsored event “celebrating” the Americans with Disabilities Act. The protest was focused on the mayor’s ferocious opposition to making the New York City taxi fleet accessible, as has been done in London and elsewhere. Bloomberg has stated publicly that he does not think that wheelchair users should be out on the street hailing cabs, and has publicly voiced sympathy for taxi drivers who, despite the law, choose not to stop for people with wheelchairs."

So, Bloomberg seems to prefer that disabled commuters just disappear and not make "his" city so unsightly. What a creep.

And while many complained about NBC's limited coverage of the Summer Olympics, they won't be showing any of the Paralympics, taking place in just a few days. Fortunately, the U.K.'s Channel 4 and the Paralympics are broadcasting live, streaming, and recorded events online.

Go to for info. Get more details on Channel 4's website. The USOC also helped gain access for more visibility and viewability of the games.

Considering 2 million tickets to live events have been sold in London, it's pretty stupid of NBC not to broadcast at least some of the events. They regularly broadcast sports events with meager audience attendance. The Paralympics will have thousands in the stands at the London venues. Who wouldn't want to watch this kind of action?

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