Friday, August 31, 2012

Pool & Court

Just a few screencaps of a few Paralympics hotties, including Andre Brazil, from Brazil, who won gold in the men's swimming 50meter.

The men's basketball game between Germany and Great Britain was the most violent, er, action-packed b-ball game I've seen in a while. It rivals wheelchair rugby in its suspense. The newer chairs make it easy for the competitors to flip back upright like gymnasts. amazing stuff, and you can watch hours of action, un-edited, with no Bob Costas (yay!).

Interesting Brit player name:

From the US/Italy game:

The prior days seem to be archiving on YouTube, so you have to check in each day for new footage.

Here's a few hours of basketball, starting with USA vs. Italy:

And here's a track & field cutie, Australia's Evan O'Hanlon:

And, as always, there's finally a gay angle! Gay Star News has the story:

"Gay equestrian athlete Lee Pearson has won a silver medal at London 2012. Winning the second prize at the dressage this afternoon (1 September), the Briton and his horse Gentleman were pipped to the post by Australian Joann Formosa who made his Paralympic debut."

The 38-year-old Brit has won nine gold medals. Here's another feature on him in the UK Mail.

Pearson is one of only two openly gay athletes competing in the London 2012 Paralympic Games. The other is another British Paralympian, sitting volleyball captain Claire Harvey.

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