Monday, July 23, 2012

Smart; phone

While I've been adjusting to all the fun of finally getting a Smart phone, I was quietly relieved to find an actual book about tips and tricks to using the damn thing. Yes, a phone book.

The insipidly consumer-focused "instruction" manual basically dictates in Disneyland-ish "you must be this stupid to post all your photos on Flikr," the guide tells you nothing about how anything works!

I've been bugging my pals for tips, but the book is finally my new desk-side fave. Queuing up a playlist while texting and assigning a contact list portrait? Done.

It's always nice to hear about other people who've enjoyed my books. Food blogger extraordinaire Jonathan Melendez posted a cute pic of himself with my book. I wonder if I can bribe more people to post photos of themselves reading/with my book? What if I promised a free copy of the sequel (Maybe an early emailed excerpt)?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vegas; a gas

A weekend press trip to Las Vegas lured me across the border, but it wasn't money I gambled on.

Stayed at the Mandalay Bay; excellent! Saw shows and went to a few pool parties. Unfortunately, San Francisco weather came with me, and there was no need for the SPF 4000 sunscreen.