Friday, February 7, 2014

Sochi: Worst/Best Olympics. Ever.

The Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia are proving to be the worst Olympics ever, because of its massive corruption, glaring incompetence and sanctioned antigay bigotry, but that also makes it the best Olympics ever, because Vladimir Putin's corruption, bigotry and idiocy are being exposed to the entire world for ten inglorious days and nights.

Here's a lesson for all the crypto-fascist government set on crushing LGBT people. enact antigay laws, and the whole world will watch you make a complete ass out of yourself. Tell a gay to "just shut up," beat us, pummel us, outlaw us, and you will live to regret it.

Let's take a look, a long parade of athletic responses, and media coverage of, the inept, stupid, and financially preposterous joke that is the Sochi Olympics.

During the Opening Ceremonies, the fifth of five rings failed to light up, proving symbolically, and technically, that Sochi's  ineptitude is blatantly obvious. you wouldn't know that from watching Russian TV, where the failure was digitized into a CGI lie.

Fascist Russian censors have also blocked access to the largest search engine on the planet, after Google posted a rainbow banner of athletes on its main page.

During the Parade of Athletes, the Greek team offered a five-fingered "F. You, Putin" with rainbow-colored gloves. They openly defied fascist Putin's edict against perceived "gay propaganda." this is becoming the best Olympics ever, because homophobia is being exposed for what it is; stupid.