Thursday, October 25, 2012

Romney; a Disaster for the Disabled

What's fascinating about having written a novel about disability is that everything, politics in particular, can be seen through a focused viewpoint.

Take Willard Romney. Please.

Even if you're not disabled, you probably know someone who is. One in four Americans have some form of disability. Among adults, that makes for a lot of potential voters. None of them should vote for Romney/Ryan, whose draconian platforms eviscerate funding for disabled veterans and others who need some aspect of medical assistance.

Friday, October 12, 2012


Three readings in the next week:

Saturday, Oct 13 BARtab's third annual Lit Crawl event
6:00 pm
BARtab hosts its third annual gay-themed reading event at Martuni’s, where the drinks are strong and the words are stronger. Featuring Mark Abramson, Christine Beatty, Lewis DeSimone, Jack Fritscher, and Jim Provenzano.

Mark Abramson is the author of the six-part Beach Reading series, set in San Francisco’s Castro district in the present while revering the neighborhood’s past.

Bay Area native Christine Beatty is a transsexual woman, former prostitute and junkie, and contributor to Spectator, Bay Area Reporter and SF Bay Times. Her latest book is Not Your Average American Girl.