Tuesday, December 21, 2021

'Cabin Fervor,' your gay gift for the holidays

Happy Holidays! I got you something.

 My short story, "Cabin Fervor," is free today through Dec. 25.
Ernie and Jase, two unemployed Broadway dancer boyfriends, escape pandemic-ridden Manhattan for a friend’s upstate cabin. After a few months of interactions with wild animals and eccentric townsfolk, they impulsively decide to make a series of sexy videos with musical theater themes that become a surprise hit online. Combining humor, current events, and erotic exhibitionism, 'Cabin Fervor' captures a strange moment in time with wry wit and affection.  

"'Cabin Fervor' is a great short that takes a peek at how one special couple copes with the unique struggles of staying happy and healthy during a pandemic. This story offers heart, humor, and just a touch of political commentary." - JeffandWill.com
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