Monday, June 25, 2012


Not setting out to see much of the annual Sf Pride Celebration this year, instead opting for a wonderfully lengthy brunch, our subsequent loop through the crowded alleys of Civic Center brought us to the sort of ravey stage, where playa hipster twinks danced around us. Two frat-type cuties beside us, one on crutches, enjoyed the beats, as did a slender African American guy done up in genderfuck drag on a motorized wheelchair.

Several women in chairs skirted through the crowd as well. It made me consider pride presence of differently-abled folks, wondering how treacherous the Muni rail lines were for other wheelers. With Mikes on Bikes off for the year (organizer DJ Bus Station John deservedly took a vacation in the woods).

Thinking about visibility, and visual representation of LGBTs in the media, particularly during Pride celebrations, some critique to persistent focus on the outlandishly costumed, as seen HERE:

But that includes activists, youth, elders, a whole array of people, which, I think, is the point of the day.

Here are some photos from different celebrations over the past few years that include disabled people.
Disabled Feminists discusses disability pride marches amid a nice gallery:

I found this one HERE:

You go, Miss Thing!

Rainbow WeHo Pride:

So, it was nice for a change of pace, a relaxed low-key celebration, preceded that weekend by some dancing at Bearracuda at Public Works and enjoying Double Duchess later performing at Truck.

But what surprised me was the afternoon burst of creativity on the sequel to Every Time I Think of You. I'd already sketched a scene where Everett and Reid attend a Pride march (You'll have to read it next year to find out which one). But it must have been the liberational air wafting across town from the Dyke March, but I cranked out a bunch of other scenes, too.

It's also been great to get out and do some readings.
Here's author Lewis DeSimone reading last week at the GLBT History Museum. Michael Alenyikov and I also participated in an erudite Q&A led by Guy Writers' James Siegel.

The next one is Tuesday, June 26 at 7:30pm, with Rob Rosen and Alvin Orloff, at Books Inc, 2275 Market St., where you can also buy my books in 3D, off or online. Shop local.

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