Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How This Happened

I got an email from Barack!

Okay, millions of people have been getting emails from Barack, and Michelle, and Joe Biden and lots of others in the Democratic Party. And it certainly was beginning to get annoying, that strange feeling of deleting an email from the First Lady. But I knew, in between the scary moments, that the President would be re-elected, and not just because I gave them $35.

Here's a bit from the President's email to supporters:
"I want you to know that this wasn't fate, and it wasn't an accident. You made this happen.

You organized yourselves block by block. You took ownership of this campaign five and ten dollars at a time. And when it wasn't easy, you pressed forward.

I will spend the rest of my presidency honoring your support, and doing what I can to finish what we started.

But I want you to take real pride, as I do, in how we got the chance in the first place.

Today is the clearest proof yet that, against the odds, ordinary Americans can overcome powerful interests.

There's a lot more work to do.

But for right now: Thank you.


New York Times columnist and Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman wrote in an early Tuesday morning blog post that President Obama’s victory is a sign of a changing America that is no longer dominated by “non-urban white people.” 

And that includes "the gays."

Here's some info on how a strong contingent helped him:

CMI Election Poll:  90% of Gays and Lesbians Vote for Barack Obama and Helped the President Win Close Election 

The Community Marketing & Insights (CMI) pre-election poll showed that 90% of gay men and lesbians voted for Barack Obama.

The election poll of 6,625 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) United States citizens was administered November 2-4, 2012 and responses were received from all 50 states. LGBTs represent an estimated 5% of United States voters and an overwhelming majority supported the coalition that produced Barack Obama’s victory. 90% support for Obama was seen in all Battleground States and the percentage was similar to the level that Obama received from the African American community.

Demonstrating the importance of the election, 95% of LGBTs indicated that they would vote in the election and 41% indicated that the had already voted before election day.
Final data indicated that 90% supported Barack Obama, 6% for Mitt Romney and 4% a third party candidate. 41% of gays and lesbians gave money to the Obama campaign. 

See, Republicans? Hating gays will make you lose elections. 

Also, in two states, gay marriage got passed. Maine passed a ballot measure legalizing it on Tuesday night—an issue put on the ballot by gay marriage supporters—while voters in Maryland approved a law legalizing gay marriage that was actually passed earlier this year by the state legislature. The Washington Post reports that gay couples in Maryland will be able to wed starting Jan. 1.

Also, Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin became the first openly gay or lesbian person elected to the United States Senate.  The votes for Washington’s Referendum 74, which would also approve marriage equality in the state, are still being counted, but the results look optimistic. 

And, the far right wackos, for the most part, did not win.

And in their wacko media hive, Fox "News" made it all about themselves as they and their rightwing pundits and posers and overlords spun into hissy-fits not seen since, oh, I dunno, a community theatre version of "Rumplestiltskin."

You see, rightwingers? Things are shifting away from the politics of hate, smug disdain and unconstitutional discrimination. Things are shifting away from you.

It's hard for me to believe that almost half of the voters wanted the incredulous fictional, unworkable policies of Willard Romney, and his ex-Bush "Advisors." From an even more bloated military to "firing Big Bird," this cruel conniving man is like a sadistic version of a 1950s sitcom dad. Instead of calmly scolding his errant kids, he'd strap them to the car roof or ship them off to China.

One can only imagine what nightmare hood ornament they're going to prop up in 2016.

Oh, and Colorado, which was thought to be a Romney stronghold, favored Obama, and legalized pot.

Smoke on that, Karl Rove, while you're planning on who.. or what.. to procure as your 2016 candidate. Perhaps, as the spot-on parody site The Onion shows, a Shrieking White-Hot Sphere Of Pure Rage!!

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