Saturday, October 26, 2013

PINS, the audiobook trailer

"Listen to my muscle memory."

Finally, the trailer for the audiobook adaptation of my debut novel, PINS is here!

Praise for PINS the audiobook, narrated by Paul Fleschner:

“A genuine treat for lovers of great stories. The hero of PINS, little Joey Nicci, is the undersized member of his high school wrestling team, though he has an oversized libido, fanned by his major crush on a fellow wrestler. Joey is hands down one of the most engaging characters in all fiction.” – Victor J. Banis, bestselling gay fiction audiobook author

Praise for Jim Provenzano’s debut novel, PINS:

“What starts off as yet another coming-of-age tale of gay youth in suburbia takes a dramatic turn and careens into a full-fledged miracle of writing.”  – NY Blade News

“Fully captures the reader ... a descriptive writer of the Ernest Hemingway model; terse, stripped down, and to the point.”   – Lambda Book Report

“Provenzano has a swift and flexible style that cuts against sentiment and reveals, in moments of grace, something like true feeling. He’s also funny. He has an ear for teenage banter, and he’s tartly lyrical about Jersey towns, Italian families and homemade mix tapes with titles like GRAPPLE and AURGH. Most urgent, he shows how gay-bashing is still an outlet for kids who grew up in the so-called gay ‘90s.”  – The Advocate

“PINS is an auspicious debut, sort of a Catcher in the Rye about disillusioned gay jocks. It firmly establishes Jim Provenzano as an important new voice in early 21st-century fiction.”  – Torso Magazine

“The author brings evident personal knowledge and a crisp, uncluttered prose style to this coming-out saga.” – East Bay Express

“A brilliant piece of fiction… The plot is very complex with many layers, each well-developed and passionately expressed. No sensitive reader will make it to the end without giggling, anxiety, joy and tears.”  – Gay People’s Chronicle

(Yes, the video is matched with the book and audiobook covers. The "reveal" transition is based on a moment in a video I shot a few years before I had even finished the novel in 1999.  I could chalk it up to the pleasures of self-publishing. By creating the imagery myself, it's easier to "re-brand" it with the same look.)

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