Sunday, March 16, 2014

Message of Love, the sequel to Every Time I Think of You


Message of Love, the sequel to the Lambda Literary award-winning novel Every Time I Think of You, is finally published, in paperback and Kindle editions.

“Instantly compelling and richly textured, Message of Love is more than a sequel; it’s a highly readable novel of two young men trying to learn to love amid the manifold distractions of college, family, and even an epidemic.” – Felice Picano, author of Like People in History and many other bestsellers
“With lively, electric prose, Provenzano conjures an epic love story. He reminds the reader that there’s always something after the murkiest of fates and will make the doubtful believe in romance again. Message of Love makes a significant contribution to disability and queer literature while touching the heart of the general reader.” Belo Miguel Cipriani, author of Blind: A Memoir
“Having overcome the early obstacles that threatened to separate them in the affecting Every Time I Think of You, Reid and Everett are learning to negotiate the physical and emotional compromises of living with a disability as the encroaching epidemic casts its shadow over their Philadelphia college years. A vivid and accurate depiction of a moment in time and history, Message of Love is an honest and unsentimental portrayal of the difficulties of sustaining even the strongest relationship and is, ultimately, an inspiring validation of the power of commitment.” – Tom Mendicino, author of Probation and KC, at Bat
“Sexy and uninhibitedly queer. As a bisexual person with a disability and especially as a wheelchair user, I found the story to be written in a refreshing and honest tone without falling prey to the pity approach as it relates to loving somebody with a disability. Jim Provenzano’s Message of Love successfully represents positive crip and queer sexuality. Bravo!  – Maria R. Palacios, author of The Female King and Criptionary-Disability Humor and Satire

In Jim Provenzano’s sequel to the 2012 Lambda Literary Award-winning Gay Romance Every Time I Think of You, the love between two young men is put to a test.
Reid Conniff and Everett Forrester have moved to Philadelphia, where college life brings them closer together, perhaps a bit too close. Everett, pressured by his mother, transfers to the University of Pennsylvania, while Reid stays at Temple University. Their once long-distance love becomes a cross-town romance.    
A twist of floral fate later finds them an apartment more like a home. Between the student protests, impulsive road trips and despite a few affairs, their bond grows.  But as the early 1980s continue, a spreading crisis approaches, coming into their lives with a strange intimacy, via that one mysterious Polaroid of Everett, the one that Reid never dared to ask about.
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