Monday, June 29, 2015

Post-Pride pronouncements, pronouns, pro forma vinci.

Steve Grand at SF Pride 2015
What a weekend, and what a way to celebrate so many anniversaries, with our own equal rights for marriage opening nationwide.

The southern grumblings and gatekeepers of backwater cities and villainous governors where resistance still yowls, may quiver, but like the obstinate Dixie flag, it goes down yet again.

SF Pride in Civic Center

 Goodbye, old century, again.

Sky's the limit for Cheer SF
Kids; Pride was all about the kids, at least in Civic Center. Many joined marching contingents away from the crowds. 

Happily backstage - thanks, SF Pride, and to the caterers! - I got to say hi to artists I've interviewed, celebrities whose parties I danced at, and made a few new acquaintances.

Cheer SF
#LoveWins was the catchphrase. 26 million of us changed the color of our photos on a website that still denies drag names, to see a parade where thousands of Facebook employees got to wave their hands. Meanwhile, profiles get deleted.

And what of the real world, in 3D, and marriage, and those of us who aren't, or may not be?

We...have more rights now, sort of.

Wilson Cruz
But we can still get fired in half the country.
Okay, next step.

Actually, I accomplished a sort of formal marriage engagement in my last novel, albeit private (Spoiler: on a wintry night at an inn nestled in Fairmount Park, thirty years ago). 

But are those simply tales of romance? 
I've heard lesser first time encounters between life-long partners and wondered.

I wonder what my now much older married fictional couple, Reid and Everett, would feel, decades after they had already dismissed by such institutions, to be found thoroughly legal.

Bruce & Rosemary
And were Reid and Everett in San Francisco, would enjoy the concert in the ample disabled area below the stage like Rosemary in her scooter (see photos) or would they simply stay home and watch it on KOFY TV with Michelle Meow and Donna Sachet?
Either way, my enthusiasm this year was subdued at first; all my married friends had left town. March with who? I encountered many just leaving the parade, including Grand Marshal Belo Cipriano

ASL Interpreter & disabled area SF Pride 2015
Then Cleve Jones and several other people came by and it turned into a little party until some had to go onstage.

I got to meet the adorable Steve Grand, and chatted with photographers Jane Cleland and Steven Underhill.

I'm pretty sure being in the crowd for hours would have been a bit much. But like those who seemed to be having fun out there, the performances would have made my day worthwhile, from the lovably crass sing-song of Lady Bunny, to the hunk appeal of Steve Grand, and bootie bouncin' fun with Big Freedia.. lucky for me, I got to interview each of them a while back:

Big Freedia rocked the Civic Center
Steve Grand  - Lady Bunny - Big Freedia

Fortunately, there were few crimes, other than fashion ones, committed. Only one shooting took place, the day before, plus a few arrests elsewhere. But hopefully you had an otherwise joyous weekend for all, including the herds of tweens in tutus, and the eldergays, who've already marched, a lot, a long time ago, and just want a cocktail.

Strolling home, myself and a new pal discovered the rebuilt Temple in Hayes Valley, calming down from the festivities, we reflected on wood shavings and scrawled messages, and wondered about dinner plans.

You can enjoy more Pride photos on my (public, for now) album.

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