Saturday, November 5, 2016

Politics in the Pages

I once served Donald Trump dinner while a cater waiter in the 1980s, at The Frick Mansion, I recall, and in retrospect, it was the lowest day of my employed life. He didn't even clean his plate; total loser.

The arrogant, bigoted, serial adulterer and now-Republican presidential candidate –update: President-elect– was at the time one of New York City's many bloated egos of metropolitan life, and a mere casual mention in my second novel, Monkey Suits. The book's main nemesis, as covered in a previous post, was a hybrid of closeted millionaire Malcolm Forbes and sinister writer and homophobe William F. Buckley, Jr.

Trump was just a sidebar, a boldface in the gossipy style of that book. I never could have imagined that we'd get to where we are today, mere hours from a presidential election where Hillary Clinton, a woman with decades of political experience, (update) won the popular vote but lost the Electoral College, against Trump, a bankrupt (financially and morally), bloviating serial lying asshole of preposterous proportions.

I'm not even going to bother to link any of the hundreds of serious news articles proving these points, and direct from Trump's racist snide remarks at rallies and speeches slavishly covered by the corporate media. I'm not even going to argue whether anything he has to offer is worthy of your consideration. The time for consideration is over.

I've scrolled by on social media, repulsed by so much as a thumbnail of his orange pouting anus face.  Instead, I've shared book promos, friends' art, cute cat pictures, and anything not Trump, because my disgust for him, and his repulsively stupid supporters, was long ago at full tilt.

Like many, the breaking point was his heinous moment of maligning a disabled journalist at a rally. Even the rather complicit NBC called it his most 'odious moment.'

I owe the success of my last two novels to the many disabled people who showed me what their lives are like, how they deal with this sort of cruel discrimination. For a presidential nominee to be such a blatant jerk is beyond the limit. But of course, Trump has no limits, and this was just one of many examples of his obnoxious behavior since the absurd day what he announced that he was running for president.

Conversely, Hillary Clinton's earliest work as an activist and social change worker involved assisting disabled children in their need to get access to schools. If one were to limit one's decision to a single issue, this alone should have made up your mind to vote for Clinton.

Artists often take stands for politicians, and many -possibly predictably liberal- performers and artists have held rallies, made videos, and stated quite clearly that they endorsed Hillary Clinton. And despite there probably being no doubt, I'm adding my name to that lengthy roster.

But this needs to be taken further, more emphatically clear.

If you're stupid and bigoted enough to have voted for Trump, don't read my books.

If you're horrible enough to align yourself with a man endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan, remove my books from your home, remove my ebooks from your tablets. Block me on social media, delete and go the fuck away.

If you're such a complete jerk that you think sticking with "Republican values" means supporting a philandering perv who wants to round up "immigrants" when his third wife worked as a model without a visa, you're a stupid hypocrite and you probably wouldn't like my books anyway.

If you have the gall to read and review books about gay people, yet support vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence, who wants to electrocute "the gay" out of teenagers, then do fuck off.  

Some of my colleagues naively think there can still be a 'teachable moment' for those who support Trump. They say rightwingers should read gay-themed books, because they can unlearn their biases and homophobia.

But sorry, not sorry. Time's up. 

I don't care if you live in a red state and "just don't trust Hillary." I don't care which absurd Fox "News" lies you still cling to like a rabid dog gnawing on an old chew toy of misogyny.

Stop reading LGBT-themed books, Trumpettes. You are unworthy. You are beyond help. You are deplorable. You got what you wanted, and disaster awaits us all.

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