Saturday, November 5, 2011

Blurbalicious: Andrew W.M. Bierle

"Every Time I Think of You is a rare combination of delicacy and power, a story of 'the unbearable weight of first love' told with both innocence and urgency by its wise and charming adolescent narrator. It rekindled faded memories of the intensity of youthful desire—the mystery, the promise, the excitement, the disappointment. Intelligent, subtle, and compelling, Jim Provenzano’s novel is, most of all, audacious. Bravo!"

- Andrew W. M. Beierle, author of First Person Plural and The Winter of Our Discothèque.

My fourth blurber is author Andrew W.M. Bierle. Not only an author, Andrew is a professional editor and stock photographer.

His first novel, The Winter of Our Discothèque, was a breakaway hit that transcended the genre of "beach reading." Deceptively set in the world of gay nightlife and class divisions, the work took on serious themes while satisfying the needs of popular fiction.

Bierle's second novel, First Person Plural, about conjoined twins, straight and gay, took on allegoric themes while exploring realistic queries of identity and manhood. Both are fascinating and well-written, which is why I asked him to blurb me.

Andrew was also helpful in his reading of Every Time, providing a few pointers on descriptions of Penn State, one of his alma maters. He kindly took the time to read the manuscript while in the middle of editing some other large academic works.

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