Saturday, November 5, 2011

Blurbalicious: Michael Thomas Ford

“The coming-of-age story gets a welcome and much needed shake up in Jim Provenzano’s graceful and surprising novel about falling in love. Always going where you least expect it, the story is by turns heartbreaking and arousing, comic and introspective, familiar and altogether new. These are characters you’ll remember long after the last page.”

- Michael Thomas Ford, author of Full Circle, The Road Home, Last Summer

Prolific just doesn't seem to be an accurate enough term for author Michael Thomas Ford, whose work pretty much defines the best of late 20th-Century gay fiction. Long before I'd finished the first draft of my first novels, Ford was already the recipient of deserved literary awards. I consider him a mentor from afar, since we've only met a few times. Even in person, his disarming demeanor and sharp wit make an impression.

From his series of popular gay fiction to his humor essays, and the immensely popular new and upcoming Jane Eyre vampire/zombie series, he's a busy guy. In between penning bestselling fiction and editing anthologies, Ford also has a (now somewhat inactive) hilarious pop culture blog.

Just before his recent cross-country move with a partner and slew of pets, Ford offered a kind blurb for Every Time I Think of You. You know what they say; if you want something done, ask a busy person.

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