Saturday, November 5, 2011

Blurbalicious: Eric Arvin

Here's the first in a four-post series in which I offer some deserved thanks for my blurbers, i.e. the colleagues who wrote praise-filled comments about Every Time I Think of You.

That they dared to read a half-completed manuscript PDF riddled with embarrassing grammatical and syntactical errors just shows how much hope and patience these guys have. And like most good authors, they're also busy, so taking the time out to read somebody else's incomplete work takes a certain dedication.

First up is Eric Arvin. Whew. What to say that fans don't already know? He's cute. He's a sexy muscle hunk. He's nice. His Facebook posts are hilarious. His blog is deliciously Not Safe For Work.

Oh, and his books! Transcending the obvious marketing ploys that feature shirtless hunks on most of their covers, his fiction has a marked diversity, ranging from the light satires to cerebral dreamlike tales. And, a few of his works are illustrated with a definite flair for one-handed enjoyment, if you're drawn to enormously hung cartoon characters.

Here's my review of two of Eric's books, Another Enchanted April, Woke Up in a Strange Place. Yes, this is a case of unabashed logrolling.

When I'm inspired by Eric, I don't know whether to get to the computer or the gym.

Here's his blurb:

“Jim Provenzano has written a tender, nostalgic tale in a simple yet elegant prose that comes straight from the heart. It’s beautiful, literary, and effective without affectation. We’re moved by these characters because we recognize in them our own once-believed indestructibility.”

- Eric Arvin, author of Woke Up in a Strange Place, Simple Men and Subsurdity

(If that last title sounds familiar, consider that the new ABC comedy sitcom Suburgatory nearly rips off Arvin's titles and themes just one move shy of plagiarism.)

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